Monday, February 05, 2007

Jessica Simpson: The Human Blow Up Doll

Jessica Simpson was partying her arse off at Hyde in LA over the weekend and she was either spotted "singing" or "taking care of business." I'd prefer to think she was "taking care of business." Either way, she is definitely channeling "Mandy" the red-headed blow up doll. I think she imitated her spot on. What is scary to me is that Jessica Simpson is all over that dude and he is standing there lifeless. What a waste of a dry hump.
In other Jessica Simpson news....there really isn't any. Well, there is this: While Jessica was attending her "boyfriend" John Mayer's concert she was singing along to one of this songs, but she totally sang all the wrong words. According to a "passerby" the lyrics were: "'You can take all the tricks up my sleeve, I don't need them anymore," Jessica sang, "You can't fake all the tricks; I believe guys don't need them plenty more."
Seriously? I don't even know what that means. Although, I must admit I'm guilty of singing the wrong words all the time to songs. However, my personal favorite is this girl I know who used to think that the words to "Jumpin' Jumpin'" by Destiny's Child where it says, "But the party ain't gonna stop," this girl use to think the words were (and would sing), "Put the party ankle style!" Yup, so Ang if you are out there reading this I'm calling you out! Hysterical.
Who Shot That Doll!?! and Who Sang Those Words!?!


Anonymous said...

Apparently, Jessica has a new look. All I know is that whatever she is injecting her lips with, it has got to stop. Please! Without the injections in her lips and forehead, Jessica Simpson was a very natural beauty. Then she started sticking all these needles in her and she looks like a freak.

I think the Simpson sisters must go to Hollywood's version of Sam's Club, but for plastic surgery. I mean Ashley looks like a completely different human being.

mattisfaction, bitches. said...

don't blame your friend for misheard lyrics... blame the beyoncebonics!

Anonymous said...

Before I even finished reading I was going to post the "ANG" story...

*..Jeru..* said...

Why does she always has *this* pose with her mouth open??? waitin for a BIG c...?!?!?!?