Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lindsay Worries Sister Will Skank It Up

Lindsay hikes up her skirt (possibly to air out her lady business) and heads out to a little private party at Winston's Bar in West Hollywood. But, while Lindsay No Pants may have partied her pants off the "good times" are always a little bitter sweet since she is worried about her little sister Ali, whom I haven't given a nickname to yet. Oh and "yes" I just used the word "whom." What? I'm classy.

In a recent interview with Britain's Top of the Pops magazine, Lindsay spoke about her concern for her sister trying to mimic her partying ways. Lindsay has said:

"My little sister Aliana's opinions are the most important to me. She says, 'I want to look like you, you're so pretty!' But she is very beautiful and so she is trouble in the making! She wants to do what I do. I'm like her second mother and I am very protective of her."
And end scene!
Seriously? Ok, give me a minute to comment on just a few things.
  1. 'I want to look like you, you're so pretty!" - yeah Linds (I call her "Linds"), you know you just made that part up. I doubt Ali is up at night praying that she gets a case of the "freckleitis."
  2. If she really wants to do what you do than Dina must be psyched she's saving money on underpants.
  3. You're like her second mother? Second? Yeah, no no you're like her first mother. That's right Dina I said it. Deal with it.

Lindsay continued by discussing her bother, Cody.

"My brother Cody is 19. He wants to stay out of the limelight and become a lawyer. I want him to be an entertainment lawyer, so he can help me out!"

Awesome. Here's what I think:

  1. DUDE! What is it like to be 19, Lindsay's brother, and seeing pictures of your sister's "lady business" getting in and out of cars and on and off of boats? The money that Dina is saving on underpants should go towards buying gallons of bleach so you can pour it in your eyes.
  2. He may become an entertainment lawyer, but Lindsay you're going to have to wait for him to bust your dad out of the slammer before he even starts to work on your messy legal issues.

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