Saturday, February 17, 2007

MTV The Hills: Lauren Gets "Outinterned!"

Let's face it, if you miss an episode of "The Hills" when it originally airs, MTV will show it to you again around 15 times (minimum) over the weekend. Since I missed last weeks episode, I realllllly got to get all caught up this weekend.

The episode begins with Heidi calling up Steve Sanders and yelling at him after she finds out that he brought Heidi's roses to Audrina. This potentially was the worst fight I've seen....not because it was intense, but because Heidi is a terrible "fighter." She sorta yells and sorta asks questions. She sorta sucks.

Enter my favorite person on The Hills....Lisa Loveless, "The Boss" at Teen Vogue. There's a big dinner that Lisa Loveless is planning and since Lauren can't plan a dinner on her own, she is having an intern from NYC fly out to LA to help out Lauren. Well, it's not so much as she is there to "help" as this is really my 7th favorite scripted moment of the season. Lisa Loveless won't allow Lauren to write out the invitations because she has poor penmanship. Therefore Lauren is forced to figure out how to type. Seriously, Lisa Loveless looks at Lauren like she is about to fall off her chair at any moment.
Moving on, the new "Super Intern," Emily, enters LA. Personally, I like how she walks into the office and says hello and then immediately gets to work. The look on Lauren's face is priceless. She makes it seem like she has never worked a day in her life. Oh wait, she hasn't. Oh, and is it weird that Emily the Super Intern knows a little too much about flowers, even though she goes to school at NYU full time, interns, and works part-time at Chanel? You know Lauren is thinking, "Wow that's a lot. I just film a reality show." Anyway, the "dinner party" goes down without a hitch, but the only person that Lisa Loveless allowed to stay for dinner was Emily the Super Intern. Lauren and Whitney were told to get the hell out. They ended up eating hamburgers in their car. Awesome.

The episode ends with Heidi getting into Steve Sanders car and they drive away. Da-da-duuuun. What will happen? Who cares. Ok, so I'll tune in next week to find out. Damn MTV!
For me, "The Hills Question of the Week" is: "Does Whitney know that she is speaking....outloud....and people can hear her?"

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