Tuesday, February 06, 2007

MTV The Hills: A Very Special Heidi Episode

Oh that Heidi is really starting to grow up. I mean, I still can't understand half that crap the she spews out of her mouth, but she is really starting to make some human progress...sorta.
So the episode starts out with Lauren and Whitney (yes, bonus points for me remembering her name this week) taking pictures of clothes at work and talking about Lauren and Brody. Really? Taking pictures of clothes? For work? That's what goes on at work? Really? What kind of job is that? Tomorrow I'm totally going into work, sitting on the floor, and taking pictures of my computer.

Next up, Heidi and her boyfriend, who I refuse to call anything but "Steve Sanders," are having a little lunch date when Heidi tells Steve Sanders that she is going to meet up with Audrina to talk. No joke, Steve Sanders starts rattling off all this crap about how Audrina is planning that so she can be friends with Heidi and tell her stuff. Yeah, if that sentence I wrote didn't make sense that's because that is all that I got out of what he was saying. Seriously, I was like wow is that kid having a seisure or a stroke? Does he smell burnt toast. Trust me, the next time the episode is on (15 times over the weekend) check out that scene. You'll think the same thing.

Could Steve Sanders get any cooler? Yup. For my favorite scene in the episode, Steve gets into a fight with someone that Heidi works with because the kid mentioned that Heidi doesn't dress nice. Yup. A fight. There's a little pushing, which is normal right? Oh, but then it gets way better. Steve makes fun of this kids orange sun glasses and the kid calls Steve a "tool" to which Steve replies, "Hey bro are you crazy you don't call someone in LA a tool." Priceless. Is that a rule I should know about? In the end there was no fight and Steve ended the "brawl" by saying "yeah dude I'll see you in the club." Huh? Is that supposed to be tough? Is Steve going to beat him with his glowsticks at the club? Really? Kill yourself dude.

Fast foward to Heidi and Audrina burying the hachet. Girls are nuts.

Fast forward to my favorite # 6 scripted moment of the season (yes, I'm still tracking). Heidi was supposed to go to Florida and so Steve Sanders had some playmates go to his apartment and they were all heading out for the night. And....cue the scripted moment. Heidi's flight all of a sudden gets canceled so guess who's going to surprise Steve Sanders at the club? Yup. Never saw that coming. And cue Heidi entering the club. She gets pissed. A second later Heidi says she leaving, yet suddenly Lauren and Heidi seems trashed. I love the magic of editing.

I'm getting way to old for this crap. Ok, well until next week....


Anonymous said...

What club is "Steve" refering to? Fight club or something?"

audgepodge said...

Steve Sanders - hilarious!

Your blog is funny - check out mine if you have the chance:

- Audge

*..Jeru..* said...

i watched the Hills for 5 minutes once and im still waitin for those precious 5 minutes of my life BACK!

I couldnt understand a word those kids were sayin ! :S

Loved this posts!