Friday, February 02, 2007

MTV Juvies: Why I Heart MTV

So MTV has successfully done it again. It's like they know all of my favorite things. "Juvies" premiered last night and my Tivo is very happy about that. If you haven't seen it, Juvies is all about these kids who have been sent to Juvenile Hall for a variety of reasons. So what is this show, really? Well, MTV packaged certain aspects of all of my favorite shows. It's a mix between the following:
  • Cops
  • The segment of Sally Jesse Raphael when they'd send bad kids to "teen bootcamp"
  • Intervention (on A&E)
  • Unsolved Mysteries (Juvies also does random reenactments of what happened without showing faces)
  • OZ

How they knew that I loved all of these shows is beyond me and the way that they packaged this? Brilliant. I just hope that I'm not the only person who watched this. I also hope that somehow some of the kids from "My Super Sweet Sixteen" end up on Juvies. Here's to wishing!
Ok, so just when I thought this show was getting too serious, the one girl in this episode (I'll call her "slasher") started to talk about how she wanted be a singer and that she was supposed to be on American Idol, but she was in "Juvie" instead. Then she started singing. I immediately thought, "Ok, now there's the MTV reality show style I love!" Although, this reality show doesn't seem scripted and that makes me nervous.
So what do these kids do while in this "cops for kids" prison system? Well, they get to walk around outside, the girls seem to constantly braid their hair, the guys work on their interviewing skills (really?), they all give themselves lice-treatments, they're not allowed to climb trees (random), and they get filmed while doing all of this. It's a real win-win.
For me, Juvies was pretty serious overall. I would have liked to see some "prison fist fights" and wild kids screaming, "you don't know me, you don't know me" as they look into the camera. I was a little let down there, but I'll let is slide. I'm hopeful for next weeks episode.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

ahha! nice post. i am also addicted to that show, but yet i feel kind of bad about it.. oh well! taht moment's pasted.
good luck with your blog

Anonymous said...

Lol^ Yeah, I think the reason i like watching juvies is cause it seems so unfortunate for some of those kids-ive done pretty much everything any of those kids were in there for, ran away, did drugs, dated a drug dealer shoplifted fought, been kicked out of school... i havent stolen any cars and i dont do these things anymore, but i did them all the time as a teenager and never once even really had an encounter with law enforcement. i guess im lucky

Pop Culture said...

Give me your name. I'm going to make a citizens arrest.

Trisha said...

I live in Lake County, Indiana where the show was shot. And, it's funny to me that I can look at these kids and know what town they are from. The girl that runsaway with her drugie Bf is from Hobart, where I grew up... I'm only a few years older than her. She was in High School and middle school with me... the ass she was with is my age and I know him. So, seeing all these kids is funny to me since... well... I may have been reckless but, I NEVER got cought doing it. Gotta love it though. I do belive Sierras myspace link is Feel free to contact me at

sara jo webber said...

yeah, i was just curious why i was being called was "slasher"