Friday, February 16, 2007

Paris is a Slutty Disney Character

At no point did I ever think that I would use "Paris Hilton" and "Disney" in the same sentence, unless of course I was reporting that Paris was caught having sex on Space Mountain. However, since that isn't the case, Paris is officially a slutty/trashy Disney Character. Her and this Disney character share very similar traits, which include: (1) the same Disney dress, (2) the same wonky eye, (3) the same fake hair, (4) the same purse with pills and weed in there, and (5) same anorexic arms.

Paris was at the Vienna Opera Ball the other night and was trying to class up her image. However that image won't be lasting long as Paris is resting up for her birthday booze-fest party at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Vegas (baby!) this Saturday.

While Paris was spending some time in Austria before "the ball" she, of course, went to the mall, but had to be taken away via a security guard after people in the mall started throwing trash at her. Throwing trash at trash? Seems pointless. I'm glad the security guard was there to help her because I've never seen trash take itself out before. Ok, that's all for my bad trash puns. I'd tell more, but the rest are garbage. Ohhhh! Stop me if you heard this one! Don't forget to tip your waitress. Try the veal! I love playing the main room!

Who Said Trash!?!

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