Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Posh is So Skinny Her Penis Can Hardly Breathe!

Ok, so there isn't really much to report on Poshtoria, but I've been waiting to use that title for like a month. Victory is finally mine! Ok, well there is a little Poshtoria news. Bratty singer, Lily Allen, is pissed at Posh. According to a Lily on BBC talk-show "This Week" she had said:

"We are bombarded with fashion mags and gossip mags with rich pop stars and Victoria Beckhams with their new handbags and kids think that's the sort of life they should have."

Wow, that's a whole-lotta-sass-a-frass from one little girl. I won't have Lily Allen talk about my Poshtoria that way.....meaning...I won't allow her to say something like that unless she also says that Poshtoria is also making little girls think that they need to be that skinny. Come on Posh! I mean you're penis can't even breathe. Bonus point for me using that joke twice.