Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Reason 768 Why Ashlee is Hotter

While most people have been losing count of the number of reasons why Ashlee Simpson is hotter than Jessica Simpson...not me! I've been keeping a handy-dandy Excel spreadsheet and even incorporated a pie chart, graph, and even some formulas. When you click on "ok" it tallies up the number. Today is reason # 768 why Ashlee Simpson is hotter than Jessica: Her hair isn't orange, her face isn't orange, her eyebrows aren't orange, etc. I still love how as soon as Ashlee got the nose job and "chin work" she totally dropped her dark goth look. I love people who sell out. I don't even mean that in a bad way. I'd sell out in a minute.

Ashlee was spotted leaving Mexicali Cocina Cantina the other day. How do I know that? Well, not only did I guess, but I read the sign and in the background.

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CreditAesthet said...

Gee, you are a real fan! I have never thought of this point before, but I agree Ashlee Simpson is hotter than Jessica Simpson. A younger sister is told to be more beautiful, more attractive, and sexier than the older one. May be, this makes sense.