Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Robbie Williams Enters Rehab

It has just been reported by CNN (really?) that British pop singer, Robbie Williams, has decided to enter into a US Rehab center for a dependency of prescription drugs. Seriously, rehab is the new bulimia. It seems like everyone is going. While they didn't say which rehab he was checking into, I can only hope it's Wonderland so that he can become friends with Lindsay and Mike Tyson. Perhaps this is just a clever way to film the newest season of The Surreal Life: Rehab Style.

Model Lisa d'Amato, who dated Robbie Williams at one time has said that he didn't drink, but basically needed a ton of antidepressants to get through the day. Really? Who doesn't?

Who Said That!?!


Anonymous said...

Why can't he just love himself like the rest of the world does. Everyone asks themselves too many question I feel. He should just say " Hey I am great " and go with it cause he is.

Anonymous said...

I m with Robbie 100% because i was takin some pills nd passed rehab too. Writing from Croatia (Europe) and not celebrity but have the same problem like Robbie do. We have to be support to Robbie.

Robbie be brave and get well soon!