Thursday, February 22, 2007

Saint Jennifer Lopez on American Idol

Seriously, news does not get any better than this. My personal favorite, Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx, will be performing on an episode of American Idol on April 11th. Awesome! (insert sarcastic overtones here____). What would J. Glow sing? Is "Waiting For Tonight" still on the "charts?" Maybe she'll sing Bailamos? That was her, right? Even better, maybe she act out scenes from Gigli! The possibilities are really endless at this point. Look I'll never take away form J. Glow that she is super talented. Wait, did I say talented? I meant "rich." I'll never take away from J. Glow that she is super rich, but what tips and tricks will she teach these Idol contestants? I can't WAIT to listen to J. Glow sing live on Idol. I have a bad feeling about this...which is great. See you April 11th!

Who J. Glow'd!?!

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and your point is?