Friday, February 02, 2007

Saint Jennifer Lopez Only Rides Black

Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx, clearly, remembers her roots and where she came from. Like she always says (always) "she's just a girl from the Bronx." Yeah, I've been to the Bronx and never met anyone who made demands like this. Allegedly, Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx (please genuflect twice) is heading to the Super Bowl in Miami and needs a car. Sure. So, FerPez's reps called a car rental company saying that she needed the car to be a Bentley convertible. I mean, I don't blame her. I'm kinda the same way. When I go to South Beach I won't be seen in anything else except a 1985 Oldsmobile. The rental company charges $28,000 for this, but didn't have the convertible on the lot so they got one from another location. The Bentley they got was white exterior with black interior. Oh HELL TO THE NO! The reps called back to say that Saint Jennifer will only ride in an all black Bentley (black exterior with black interior).
If I worked there I'd get her the car she wanted and then I'd stuff a banana in the tail pipe. Good luck J. Lo! When you rot in hell for being so rich (I would just guess that's why people go to hell) I pray your spot in hell is black on black.

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