Friday, February 16, 2007

Saint Jennifer Lopez a Scientologist?

Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx may need a name change because the rumor police are telling us that Jennifer Lopez and petite husband, Marc Anthony, are in the process of becoming full-on Scientologists....da-da-duuuun! Allegedly, Marc Anthony is already taking his "purifcation classes" which I can only assume will make him look less oily. Actually, the purification consists of a sauna that "cures" all illnesses. Uh, yeah...that's actually just called a sauna. No "purification" needed. I hope this isn't true as I don't want to be forced to rename Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx to "Xenu Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx." It just doesn't have the same ring to it.

In other J Glow news, her film "Bordertown" has received less than stellar reviews. One critic even called it, "several sprockets short of a real film." Ouch. Instead of "Bordertown" they should just name it "Gigli 2: The Bronx Boogaloo." The above photos were taken at the promotion of "Bordertown" at the 57th Berlin International Film Festival.

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goherbal said...

Actually, many many non-Scientologists have taken the Purification Rundown (NOT "purification classes" or whatever) and with positive results, and not necessarily become Scientologists at all as a result. Danny Bonaducci is one example, among many others.

The Purification Rundown is a regimen of sauna, vitamins, exercise and nutrition that cleanses the fatty tissue and gives a person a restored sense of well-being.

A very similar program is being used at the NY Detox to clean up the toxins out of 911 Firefighters.

Sure, the tabloids turn it into something weird. Typical. But it is really not that big a deal.

Scientologist and proud of it