Monday, February 05, 2007

Tara Reid Pounds Sand, Sober?

Tara must really miss "Taradise" and all those beaches that she use to report from. Oh, and by "report from" I really mean get "get trashed and scream into the camera...from." Poor Tara Reid was at the SuperBowl XLI MarketAmerica Party where she stopped for a quick photo opp and then she fell into a pile of sand. The good news is that once she was down she gave the "thumbs up" sign to let us all know that she is ok. Phewww! That was a close call. I don't know what we'd do if we lost lost Tara to some quicksand.

Don't worry though because moments later Tara found out that she and Joey Fatone won "2007 SuperBowl High School Prom King and Prom Queen!" What an honor that must be! Oh, and yes my photoshop skills continue to improve as the days go on. I bet you didn't even know that they really weren't wearing those crowns did you? I'm awesome!

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Anonymous said...

Seriously....Does noone in the Reid family watch Intervention on A&E?!?!

Okay... I get the whole "I'm a party slut image....christ I pratically invented it. But somebody...anybody make the phone call already