Saturday, February 24, 2007

Um, Christmas is Over, No?

I haven't had a rant in a little bit, so now is the time.

I may not be the best with math (or spelling, or grammar, or politics, or science, or religion, or cats) but I'm almost positive that Christmas ended over two-months ago. How do I know this? Well, I checked my calendar and counted the days. You see, Christmas ended at midnight on December 25th. "Little Christmas" ended on January 6th. Sometimes it's hard for me to remember that Christmas is over because it seems that wherever I drive around some houses are still decorated for Christmas. How so? Well, some people still have their wreaths hanging on their front door and over their front windows. Some still have lights on their bushes AND they're still turned on at night. Many still have their electric candles in their windows and they, too, are still turned on. It's one thing to "forget" to take these down, but you are intentionally turning them February...your lights....your Christmas February...on. Why would one do this? Every time I see this it makes me crazy. Sometimes I am tempted to get out of my car and knock on their door and ask them what they are thinking. Sometimes I want to just take their lights and wreaths down myself and just leave a note on their front door that says, "You're welcome."

Seriously? These people that own these homes better be dead inside and that's why their stuff is still up. No joke. Whenever I still see their lights on I always think that they must be on a timer and that the owners are passed out on the kitchen floor. That has to be the only explanation. Look, I'm not trying be the Grinch, but Christmas is clearly over. How would you like it if I kept my house decorated for Halloween all year round? Same thing. Better yet, for every additional day that I see your Christmas stuff up I am going to go to your house and sing Christmas carols in front of it until you either shut your stuff off or give me money. Oh, and I'll ring your doorbell every day and ask if you want me to shovel your driveway. I can do this well into the summer.

In closing, please take down your Christmas crap. Christmas ended months ago and you're confusing the kids in the neighborhood. Thanks, in advance, for your cooperation.


Lori said...

You crack me up!

bree said...

Hahaha. I agree.

Lazy bastards.