Thursday, February 15, 2007

Victoria Beckham Tells You What to Buy

Poshtoria is such a helpful robot/person, similar to Rosie from The Jetsons. Poshtoria has taken to her blog again to give some helpful tips on what to buy the special guy and/or girl in your life this Valentine's Day season. Let's take a Posh Peek into what she has to say:

For her:
A personalised iPod or i-pod shuffle loaded up with her favourite songs in red!
A Tiffany celebration ring.
A pair of red healed shoes by Christian Louboutin.
Name a star for someone.
Agent Provocateur game.
Thin fresh water pearl bracelet with ribbon.
Name a rose after her!
A candle-lit bath with petals.
A large bouquet of red blooded roses.
A romantic weekend in Paris for two.
Tiger Lily tea lights.
A Day at a spa followed by Dinner.
Net a porter vouchers.
A Giambattista Valli evening dress.
Intimately Beckham perfume.
Theatre tickets.
A new vacuum cleaner!

For Him:
Flying lesson.
Love tokens.
Intimately David Beckham Massage oil.
Tickets to see his favourite band of football game.
Personalised football history book.
Ice hotel weekend break.
A Massage.
Intimately David Beckham Aftershave.
A personally-engraved watch.
Nose hair trimmers.
A pair of Garden Shears!

My personal favorites, of course, are the "ideas" that Poshtoria came up with that are products that she and her husband sell. Oh, by the way Posh, this is America. If you tell a guy to get a girl a vacuum and he gets it for her, he'll wind up dead. I would never get a girl a vacuum. Wait, is Poshtoria a terrorist?

Posh Says Who!?!


Anonymous said...

I know that Victoria Beckham and her husband David are incredibly popular in the UK. They just came over here to the United States so David could play soccer and now every magazine and tabloid have them on their covers.
Why are they so popular? I admit Victoria is beautiful .. is that why?
There is a new set of pictures and video making the rounds that is supposed to be voyeur footage of Victoria Beckham nude (topless) on the beach. I’ve read that the paparazzi in England is worse than those here in the United States.
She does looks incredible. If interested look at some of the video dump sites (liveleak, livevideo, etc) to find the video or do a Google search. The video is also currently on (NSFW).
I believe I’ve heard that the Beckhams are even hanging out with Tom Cruise and his family now. Strange who knows who.

Anonymous said...

I would like to use a new vacum and listen to Christina's new song....that way I could really SUCK....get it? Good one..