Monday, February 19, 2007

When J Lo Cries, I Cry

I had reported last week (with my award winning journalism) that the reviews for Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx latest film, "Bordertown" were not the best. Now the pictures have surfaced of Saint Jennifer at the showing of her film at the Berlin Film Festival as she awaited the audience reaction. After the film was shown there was limited applause and even some "boo's." Yeah, the last picture ain't so pretty. Actually, it's looking a little "Celine Dion" to me. Poor J. Glow. Ugly chin up, Jennifer. You are still rich after all, right? And being rich solves most problems, doesn't it? Wait, it does right? Please tell me it does.

Just remember this, J. Glow:

When you laugh, I laugh.
When you cry, I cry.
When you sing in Spanish, I sing in Spanish.
When you succeed, I succeed.
When you fail, I...well, I don't fail.

On behalf of movie watchers everywhere, please stop making movies. Please just quit cold-turkey. Try taking up pottery classes or even knitting or something. That can be just as rewarding.

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Anonymous said...

Cry me a river JHoe! You suck as an actor!