Friday, February 23, 2007

Where Have You Been: "Six" From Blossom

There come a point when you need to detox from the whole Britney Anna Nicole Hilton Richie day-to-day drama. Today is that day for me. So, my friends, I introduce to you the "Where Have You Been?" segment. Here's the deal. I clear my mind and think of the most random celebrity of yesteryear and dig them up and see what they're up to. So, today's segment is "Where Have You Been: "Six" From Blossom. That's right...Jenna von Oy everybody!

While I still am a firm believer that Myspace is the "devil" sometimes it really helps you out. That's where I found Jenna von Oy. So what's she been up to? Good question. Well, Six lives in Nashville Tennessee and is a country music singer. Yeee-haw! Six is afraid of flying and is obsessed with serial killers. I guess that's what happens when you have to look at Blossom's nose every day. Also, Jenna feels that she could never go into law enforcement because people wouldn't take her seriously and always feel that "Six from Blossom" was arresting them. Oh, did I mention I've been using "Jenna" and "Six" interchangeably. I have.

Sadly this is all that I can find about Six. I believe she is trying to "re-kickstart" her career. I'll provide Six with some unsolicited advice.

  1. Party at Hyde
  2. Forget to wear your 'underpants' and get in and out of as many cars as you can
  3. Start to dabble into the wonderful world of "Ecstasy"
  4. Crash your car on the highway
  5. Check into rehab
  6. Check out of rehab
  7. Check back into rehab
  8. Check out of rehab
  9. Create a sex tape
  10. Check into rehab
  11. Sell your sex tape
  12. Check out of rehab
  13. Repeat as necessary

If you follow these instructions you will be back on magazine covers and "The UPN" will just be a distant memory. Oh, you're welcome.

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