Thursday, March 15, 2007

Breaking News: Anna Nicole Smith Could Use a Computer

With the investigation into the death of Anna Nicole Smith (did you hear she died?) dragging out longer than an American Idol Results Show episode, authorities are now focusing in on a computer that Anna had in her room where she died. More shocking was that Anna could even use a computer. Even more shocking than that it has been rumored that Anna can type of 85 words per minute! Ok, so I started that rumor. Pass it on.

Anyway, has discovered that the wife of Anna Nicole's bodyguard, Big Moe (no really) was on the computer at Anna's bedside right before Anna died. While Big Moe's wife is not a suspect or of interest at this point, the authorities are interested on some of the information on that computer.

Now my hypothesis is that Big Moe's wife and Anna were playing a good old game of "Oregon Trail." Big Moe's wife was the "farmer" and Anna was the "banker from Boston." They each had three oxen and spent a ton of time out in the forest trying to shoot squirrel and the occasional buffalo that moved really slow. The buffalo didn't come that often, but when they did you could always kill them because they walked across the screen at a snails pace. Anyway, the "banker from Boston" typically died from typhoid, so my guess is that Anna Nicole Smith died from typhoid. Oregon Trail anyone? Anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Actually, I think she died of dysentery. That's how the game always ended for me.