Friday, March 16, 2007

Breaking News: Tonya Harding Still Nuts

It seems like just yesterday that Tonya Harding was planning on breaking the leg of Nancy Kerrigan, the original horse face (too late Julia Roberts), right before the Olympics. Fast forward about 15 years and Tonya is still crazier than a shit-house rat.

It appears that Tonya called the police in her hometown at 4:56 a.m freaking out to police that someone was trying to steal her car and stash rifles on the side of her property. Hmmm, interesting. About 4 hours later a friend of Tonya's called back the police and informed them that Tonya was "tweaking out and seeing animals." Her friend said that Tonya was staying with her and was not violent, but she was worried about her own kids welfare. When the police arrived to follow up on these crazy little calls they reported that Tonya was very agitated and was glancing everywhere. Tonya claimed she was on a new medication and was having a bad reaction to it.

In perhaps what is my favorite part of this story...the authorities then took Tonya safely back to her trailer. No joke, it's really a trailer. Now I would have assumed it was and made the joke it was, but in actuality the report really claimed that she lives in a trailer. It's like sometimes the jokes just write themselves, you know?

Who Said That!?!


Sister Suki said...

Tonya looks totally hot. I think she hearts McDonald's.

Anonymous said...

Clearly Ambien is to blame for Tonya's sleep eating (wild guess), hallucinations, and 'glances everywhere'. If I were her local pharmaceutical rep, I'd be watching my kneecaps! LOL

rysky66 said...

Body by Budweiser: No pain, no pain. Me thinks she ate one of the Olsen twins, perhaps both.

Oliver said...

I certainly wouldn't want to get on Tonya's bad books.With those arms it looks like she could hurt you badly. Imagine her coming at you in anger WHOA!