Thursday, March 01, 2007

Britney Goes to AA, Umbrella Stays Home

While Britney is vacationing at Promises Rehab in Malibu to cure her bout of "the crazy" she was actually released into society to attend an AA meeting in Santa Monica. Britney has lot her "umbrella privileges" so she can only carry a notebook at this time. Britney seemed to be in good spirits. Well it wasn't as much "good spirits" as it was a permanent smile plastered on her face. Maybe rehab is a real hoot? I should try Promises Rehab sometime. If the IBBB readers can donate the $50,000 I need to attend I'll take pictures from inside. Come on, be a team player!

With rumors still flying (like a green umbrella at an SUV) that Britney may have been suffering from Postpartum depression I am under the assumption that they probably gave her some of the meds to deal with that. Hence, the smile. I feel strongly about medication to help balance you out. Actually, I feel that everyone should be forced to me medicated and then you have to prove that you are sane enough to be off the meds. Medicate the population and make this world a better place Yeah, that's right Tom Cruise I'm talking to you. More meds = More Smiles.

Look, I'm all for "the Britney" going to "the rehab" and getting "the better" but I don't want her to stop being crazy. Drug free? Sure. Crazy free? Nope.

Who Shot Britney!?!

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Anonymous said...

more meds = more smiles!

LMAO! You ARE a doctor!