Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Britney's Cured & Ready to Leave Rehab

What a difference a month makes! Britney Spears is planning on breaking free from Promise of a New Day Rehab in Malibu later this week. I didn't know you could cure "crazy" in just 1 month. I've been trying for over 2 years.

Random drunken sources are claiming that she and KFed had an "amazing meeting" on Sunday and are figuring out who will have custody of their two kids (What's His Face, and, The Other One). I guess the plan will be a 50/50 split for now, but later on Britney will take full custody while KFed will have visitation rights.

Yeah, that's sweet. Something tells me that part of the 50/50 split will include some of Britney's money. Look, sure I hope Britney "gets well soon"but she better not get all serious and stuff. Half the reason why people love her is her ability to be psychotic. I love me some crazies. Hopefully Britney will be back to making horribly sung music in no time! Watch out Shakira.

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