Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Carmen Electra Can Read AND Write!

Carmen Electra is out promoting her book titled, "A Personal Guide to the NV Weight-Loss Beauty Pill." Hmmm, catchy. What technically is a "weight-loss beauty pill?" Do you lose weight or do you get beautiful? Or both? I somehow don't think that Carmen uses the pill or wrote the book...or read the book for that matter, but when push comes to shove she looks great. Wait a minute, maybe the pill does work! However it doesn't matter how many pills she takes, Carmen was given the good old snub on the upcoming Baywatch movie. When recently asked about her involvement in the film Carmen responded, "I'm out. I've only heard about it through the press and nobody has contacted me to be in the film. I really enjoyed the reunion show we did though - it was fun to meet all the team again."

Why would they not want her in it? No idea. In the meantime, my advice to Carmen would be to take more of those pills you are selling and see if that changes their mind.

Who Said That!?!

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