Friday, March 30, 2007

David Beckham Mocks His Wife's Hairdo

David Beckham wanted to show his wife, Poshtoria, how stupid her haircut was so he went out and got the same exact haircut so she would have to look at it every day too. Brilliant move. Both of them are, in some way, really paying respect to Carol Brady, but that's a whole different story. David and Poshtoria were at the Sports Industry Awards (2007) the other day. I hope he one for "Girliest Hairdo." What? That's a real award.
In other David Beckham news, D. Beck is no longer the highest paid soccer player. Ronaldinho, the two-time world player of the year, just scored the $30 million salary. Tough break Beckham. I don't know how you're going to live on just $25 million. Good luck. Next time learn how to kick the ball, dumbass.
In other Poshtoria Beckham news, US Weekly has written a nice open letter to Poshtoria requesting that she start wearing a bra. To quote them, "It is obvious to us that the bra may be a foreign concept to you, much like American football, or the good sense to avoid Tom Cruise, so allow us to explain: You're a 32-year-old woman with perky breasts that apparently like to breathe. But keep shunning that bra and in five years you'll end up with pendulums hanging off your clavicle that hubby David Beckham might mistake for soccer ball bags."
Wow you really got her, US Weekly (insert sarcastic overtone here ____)! Actually, thanks for ruining it for the rest of us. If Poshtoria wore a bra all the time, how in the hell would we ever know if there was going to be 6 more weeks of winter? Thanks for nothing.

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Anonymous said...

lol she need to put some on weight..the hair cut is not bad..but the color is to blond..