Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Hills: Whitney is the "Nana" of Interns

Ah yes, another episode of The Hills. I'm starting this one off with a question. Has Lisa Loveless ever been seen walking or even standing for that matter? It seems as though I only see her sitting in her office. Perhaps she doesn't have legs? It's a toss up. As I being to lose even more braincells here are my thoughts, questions, and mindless statements I have to make about this weeks episode of The Hills.
  • How come Lauren and Whitney dress like they're on their way to the beach when they're at work?
  • Lisa Loveless insults Lauren right off the bat when she is talking about how the girls will be working with this famous fashion photographer for the day. Lisa goes, "you can both learn a lot from her...if you pay attention." And then Lisa Loveless and Whitney both look at Lauren. Brilliant. I don't even care if they edited that look into the scene. I can only hope that someone out there is recapping all of Lisa's scripted insults...yes, scripted.
  • Whitney suffers from what I call "Question Mark Disease" or "QMD." QMD disease forces every sentence you say to sound like it ends in a question, even when it isn't and makes your voice go up high at the end of it. QMD can kill.
  • Lauren is doing her "homework" which consists of her drawing a dress. It looks like what a 2nd grader would draw. It basically looked like an up-side-down triangle. Study harder Lauren.
  • Heidi and Steve Sanders vacationing in Santa Barbara officially makes me want to never go to Santa Barbara. Ever. Thanks Heidi.
  • Whitney's little sister, Jade, booked a photo shoot. She is literally a mini Whitney. I immediately feel bad for their parents.

  • Audrina and Lauren go on a double-date. Lauren's "date" asks her where she's from. She says Laguna Beach and he looks like he doesn't know that. Does he have a TV? This kid won't last past this episode. Great casting. I refuse to give him a name...not even a cool nickname like "Steve Sanders" has. I think it would be hard for me to date Lauren because I would only ask her to explain things that took place from either Laguna Beach or The Hills. To make things worse if she was telling stories I would think that I was there too. Like I would think, "hey wait wasn't I in Cabo with you and Steven?" But I digress.

  • Random question. What has happened to Lauren's voice? It's all raspy. I like it. Moving on.

  • Whitney is getting fed up with being an intern for 5-years (college is only 4-years...nice work Whitney). I give it 2 more episodes before Whitney shoots up the Teen Vogue offices. Do you think MTV with show that?

  • Is Lauren a midget? Every time they show her driving the car her head, literally, isn't higher than the steering wheel. That's danger.

  • Heidi blows off plans with Lauren to go to the movies with Steve Sanders. The cameras are in the movies with them. Isn't that illegal? I always thought they said you can't film anything in a movie theater? Why does The Hills break to many laws?

The IBBB "The Hills Question of the Week" is: "If Whitney fell down in the forest and no one was there to hear her, does she make a sound?"


Anonymous said...

you are the best...
i visit ur site every week after the hills becuase of how greatly similar our thoughts are on this show...yet we still watch

matt said...

I can't say i stumbled upon this site, because I deffinatley sought out anyone that would be writing crap about this show. It has all the makings of a glossy, high polished train wreck with a slight fragrance of Calvin Klein's Obsession. I think you insult Steve Sanders by caling King Cockmouth (aka Spencer Pratt)by his namesake. Sure Steve was teh douchebag before the term was used by everone form 11-82, but at least Steve Sanders had better lines.

Michelle said...

I love the hills! Whitney is most definitely my favorite! A familiar site about Whitney's latest life stories is also posted on http://pop.ology.com/2008/12/24/lets-just-give-her-her-own-country/