Tuesday, March 06, 2007

...In Other News...

Tyra Banks can even make someones lost sandal ALL ABOUT HER. While Tyra was hanging out with her audience before the taping of her show she found a shoe on the ground, grabbed a megaphone, yelled "roll 'em" and the cameras taped Tyra being all "Tyra." While it may just be a sandal it is a platform for Tyra to talk about Tyra and the Tyra show and Tyra's reality show and, oh yeah, "Tyra." Tyra. In other non-Tyra news...

~ Casting the Anna Nicole Story. I say Chris Farley plays Virgie. ~ CelebritySmack
~ Katie Holmes Draws Dresses Like Lauren Conrad Does ~ DListed
~ Sober Lindsay Lies, Drunk Lindsay Doesn't ~ HollyScoop
~ Reason #563 Why Jared Leto is an Asshole ~ MollyGood
~ Pussycat Dolls Looking For More Bad Singers ~ PopBytes
~ Jay Z Gets Even Richer ~ NinjaDude
~ Eva Longoria Talks Too Much ~ GabSmash
~ Angelina Plays Voodoo ~ Yeeeah!
~ Zach Braff Has My Career...Not My Money ~ EvilBeet

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