Friday, March 02, 2007

Jennifer Hudson Won't Do Nudity; World Exhales in Unison

There must be movie execs all over the world begging Jennifer Hudson to take off her glittery clothes for her next role because Jennifer Hudson is going on the record that she not only won't show her "American Idols" in a movie, but she won't even appear in a movie where anyone is naked, even if it isn't her. Jennifer claims that she is a role model for young black women, so that is why she won't go naked. I applaud her for this, but not for the "role model" piece, but more so for the "I like being able to see things" piece. I like to look at things and people. I like to be able to read and cross the street easily. I like to be able to watch bad reality television. In the unlikely event that I actually ever see a Jennifer Hudson movie and I happen to see her naked in it, I would have to immediately pour gallons upon gallons of bleach directly into my eyes. I would actually use a funnel so that ALL the bleach would go directly into my eyes. I want to make sure I lose full sight. FULL SIGHT!

Who Said That!?!

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