Thursday, March 22, 2007

Justin Timberlake Does "The Diss" to MTV

I place "the diss" in quotes so that people know I'm hip and cool and use awesome hipster catch phrases like "the diss." Do people even say "diss" anymore? I hope so, that would be neat. Anyway, while I usually think that Justin Timberlake is a jackass I realize that me and him have a lot in common. First, he stole the "i'm bringing sexy back" theme from my blog "i'm bringing blogging back" (prove it that I'm lying). Second, we're both jackasses. And third, Justin lets people know his thoughts about MTV reality television in Details Magazine that's out this month. Here's what Justin had to say in regards to his thoughts on the tabloids:

"I despise what they do. They create soap operas out of people's lives. [Cameron and I] had our thing, and it's over. They edit that stuff like MTV edits reality shows. It's a spin game, and I choose not to take part in it."

Dude, don't knock MTV reality shows. They may be scripted and edited, but they're great. Sure they rot your brain, but it's those MTV reality shows that get more than half of America through their hung-over weekends. God bless The Hills, including the editors of The Hills. If it wasn't for that editing do you think anyone would watch? Who wants to see Heidi having a real conversation? Not me. I want to see the edited version where Heidi spews out crap that doesn't make sense. So, Justin, in closing...wait where was I? Who cares. Moving on.

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