Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Shows Side-Boob

Sometimes when I'm rushed I forget to put on pants and just head to work like that. What? Life's tough. Lindsay No Pants did remember her pants, this time, but forgot her bra and forgot to button her shirt while she was leaving her hotel in NYC. Toss in a light breeze and Lindsay ends up flashing a little side-boob. This should be fine to show on my site as they used to always show side-boob on NYPD Blue. Well, that was a 10pm, so perhaps come back tonight and click on the picture.

At first I thought the maybe Lindsay couldn't afford a bra, but then I just read that Lindsay sold a condo that she never lived in and made $500K on the deal. That's great! Sorry, that was fake. I could care less. Wait, unless Lindsay wants to give me some of that money? I'll take $360,000 to never blog again. Start taking that can door to door and raise some money to stop me once and for all! Make checks payable to: Your Mother.

1 comment:

Daniel said...

Normally, you see the outside of the boob on a side-boob shot. This is an inside-side-boob shot which is a rare and delightful treat.