Friday, March 23, 2007

Marcia Brady Was a Skinny Coke Head

If it wasn't the 1970's Maureen McCormick, Marsha Brady, would have shaved off her hair and used an umbrella as a weapon too, but it was the 1970's so she settled for a good old fashion eating disorder and cocaine habit.

Maureen McCormick admits to People Magazine that she used to snort coke and she even suffered from bulimia. As the old saying goes, "what comes first the drugs or the bulimia?" Well, in Marsha's case her bulimia came first once she turned 17 and had to go back to public high-school. It was her boyfriend (not Dougie Goodwin) who introduced her to cocaine. He was like, Marsha I want you to meet someone. This is cocaine. Cocaine, this is Marsha. The two quickly became friends and Marsha couldn't get enough of her new friend.

Maureen then realized that she had an addictive personality and after several relapses she claims that she has cleaned herself up through a combination of therapy and her faith.

Somewhere right now, probably in a dumpster, Jan Brady is smiling.

Who Said That!?!


Sister Suki said...

Which Jan Brady do you think is smiling in a dumpster right now? The old Jan Brady, or The NEW JAN BRADY!

jacksmaster said...

Who of us hasn't had things in our past that come back to haunt us? I certaintly have, and even tho I would do things differently if I had the chance, I wouldn't be the person I am today had I not been humbled by lifes many temptations. My mistakes hurt not only myself, but those who love me as well. Thank God I overcame addictions, and my own insecurities, to LEARN and have reason to hold my head high. Those who so quickly judge others for past mistakes, are usually the ones not brave enough to come clean about their own.
I admire Maureen for so many reasons, first, to have the courage to put herself out there and let the world see her for who she really is........HUMAN. I feel better about myself just knowing that "Marsha Brady" Is as vulnable as any of us and that by living through it all, and comming out of it stronger and wiser, helps alot. I can only say that I admire and respect her more now than I did before! Kudos Maureen, and you are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. You are an inspiration to other women like myself who have battled with weight problems, depression, or other addictions whatever they be. I've managed to drop over 50lbs. myself in the last 2 years, and I will leave you with this little tip for those SWEET attacks. I buy strawberry slimfast and freeze it (in the can) for about 2 or 3 hrs.(long enough for it to not slosh when you shake it. Then I turn it over (tab side down) and open it as you would any can and EAT it rather than drink it. It makes a delicious dessert and it lasts much longer than drinking it. Seems more like a meal of icecream. It's very satisfying, because I'm tricked into feeling like I've actually EATEN. It sure beats snacking on celery, and the craving I get for sweets is close to nill. Carry on Maureen! We love the real you!
You can reach me on myspace.
Kathy Username: Jacks.master

Anonymous said...

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