Tuesday, March 13, 2007

MTV The Hills: Does Heidi Move In With Steve Sanders? Who Cares?

Woo-hoo! This episode digs up some blasts from the past, specifically "Lo" from Laguna Beach. It's kinda like when Cindy Walsh would randomly show up in the last few seasons of 90210. As my buddy Doug-E-Fresh commonly asks, "Is Lo smart and does she have fat legs?" I mean, let's face it, this is really what sums up not only this episode, but the Laguna Beach/The Hills series as a whole.
  • Lauren and Whitney spend more time steaming, ironing, pinning, taking pictures, and trying on clothes than they do anything else. What type of job is this? How does one add this to their resume? I pinned clothes from 2006-2007. Seriously?
  • As Audrina tries on clothes with Lauren I wonder if she has somehow implanted more teeth into her mouth. I find it nearly impossible to fit all of those teeth into one space and have them shine so bright. I figure graphic design/editing had something to do with this. I miss the next scene pondering her teeth. Is that not normal?
  • Next up (literally) Whitney is playing softball...and it actually good. I wonder if when she hits the ball she pretends it is Lisa Loveless' head.
  • There are like 4 people in the stands. Whitney leaves the game to talk to Lauren and Audrina and ask them what they are doing for New Year's Eve. Welcome to the official "18th Scripted Moment of The Hills Season 2."
  • Did Steve Sanders feather his hair?
  • Is it normal when Steve Sanders asks Heidi if she'll move in with him that she looks like she threw up in her mouth a little? Isn't Heidi like 15?
  • I pause for a moment to ponder the concept that Audrina uses "white out" on her teeth. Shiny!
  • SWEET! "Lo" just showed up for New Years and looks like she's pregnant. I would have thought she was, but she was drinking so I decide that "Freshman 15" has attacked Lo.
  • The "girls" head out to Area for New Years and Lauren is talking to some dude who legit looks like Bobby Brady. No joke. I wonder what Alice would think.
  • Midnight roles around and they all light up their "sparklers." in the club. Fire in the club. Fire. Club. In. I wait for the entire club to burst into flames. Ever heard of the "Station Night Club?"
  • Lauren kisses Bobby Brady. Cindy and Marcia are PISSED!
  • Lauren and Lo go to get sushi and Lo almost dies after eating ginger. Clearly, "eating" can be extremely dangerous. Lo is just as retarded as I remember her just a few seasons ago.
  • Lo spills the beans on Heidi moving in with Steve Sanders. Well she didn't as much "spill the beans" as she did "read the script" and say exactly what she was told to say. Lo follows direction well.

There aren't too many episodes left of The Hills and there are many unanswered questions such as, is Lisa Loveless the mother of Whitney? Does Audrina's mouth stay permanently open? What other Laguna Beach cast members will stop my the "set" of the The Hills? Let's hope the last few episodes answer all this and more.

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Anonymous said...

Great recap! I was so fixated on trying to figure out WTH was making Lo's hair so frizzy/fuzzy that I missed most of the story line ;).