Tuesday, March 06, 2007

MTVs Kristen Cavallari Thinks I'm Dumb

...well she may be right. Yeah, I'm kinda dumb. Anyway, Kristen Cavallari of MTVs Laguna Beach was recently in GQ and, of course, the interview headed in the direction of asking all about Laguna Beach. Sweet! It's not like the reruns are enough anyway. Before I even get into the interview portion I want to go back on the record of saying that Kristen is way hotter than Lauren. Now don't get me wrong, Lauren is hot, but Kristen is hot in that sorta "I'm a bitch and am gonna kick your ass" kind of way. Wait, is the just me? I digress.

So, when Kristen was asked if Laguna Beach was scripted she responded by saying:

"I don't see Laguna Beach as a reality show. The producers would say 'Kristen come here at this time and have lunch with this person and talk about this. Ask him this specific question.' In one scene my hair is short and then the next scene it's down to here. How does anyone not notice that?"

Wait did she just call me stupid? I never really noticed that, but I did notice that about 90% of the show was just facial expressions and those facial expressions never really matched up with what the other person was saying. I just assumed the producers taped the cast performing over 1,000 facial expressions and then just edited them into the various scenes. Or...is that not what producers are responsible for?

Kristen continued on later in the interview by saying that, MTV came into Laguna Beach and corrupted it. Do you smell that Kristen? Yeah, that smell is the bridge that you just burned. I would NEVER do that to MTV or say that to MTV. Yes, my friends, this is where we bring things back to me. I would be the best MTV employee ever. You hear me MTV? BEST employee EVER. See me HERE.

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