Thursday, March 08, 2007

Oh Jesus! "Boy's Father" Wants to See Madonna's New Son David. He's Baaaaack!

Ok so next to Harriet Carter and Dina Lohan my other favorite person is "Boy's Father." In case you're new to this site, "Boy's Father" is Banda who is the father of Madonna's adopted son, David. I guess they technically call that "biological father." See how much you can learn here at IBBB? Anyway, every article I ever read about Banda always refers to him as "boy's father" so that's what I only call him. Moving on.

Boy's Father is hoping that Madonna brings David and let's him see his son when she visits Malawi in April. Madonna and Guy Ritchie are planning on swinging by Malawi to open up with $2.92 million Kabbalah Center. Suck on that Oprah!

Boy's Father has stated, "I can't wait to hold him in my arms again. I want to see if he still recognizes me after all this time. I want to see if he still looks like me with all the British food he is eating."

Wait what? Um, Boy's Father, yeah eating British food won't change the color of his skin. I totally think he will recognize you, but he'll probably look/run the other way. I mean right now he has probably around 15 maids, 10 butlers, his own personal train that he can drive around the mansion, and enough LEGO's to play with that he could build an actual livable house that I could move into. You, Boy's Father, live in a mud hut and wear tissue boxes for shoes. I wonder who he'll choose? So, here's my advice: Become wicked good friends with Madonna while they are there and see if you can move into the mansion with them. Ask to become like the gardener or something. Hell, even the accountant!

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