Wednesday, March 14, 2007

An Olsen Shows Her Little Boy Boobs

In "I Miss Full House" news, one of the Olsen's was simply grabbing a coffee when the wind just blew Mary-Michelle-Ashley-Tanner-Olsen's blouse right open. This one particular Olsen is truly "little boy boobs to the wind" but doesn't slow down to adjust herself. She's probably used to being seen in her bra from her days back on the set of Full House. I bet pervy Uncle Joey had "forced bra's Tuesday's."

The Olsen's are also putting their love of wood into another money making scheme. They are launching their latest line of home furniture of tweens and teens. Talking about this new furniture, Ashley squeaked, "Mary-Kate and I have worked very closely with our executive designer and AP Industries to design a furniture collection with an elegant yet casual style. Mary-Kate and I love the mix of straight lines with gently curving shapes, and the fluted legs give an overall delicate feel to the items."

I only posted this quote because I laughed when I read, "gently curving shapes and fluted legs." Huh? And why do tweens and teens need their own furniture anyway? I slept in a crib until I was 20 and stored my clothes in trash bags. Was that not the right thing to do?

I'm glad the Olsen's are trying to make some more money. It must be tough being broke.

Who Said Fluted Legs!?!

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