Friday, March 02, 2007

Only Anna Nicole From Here on Out

Since it is technically funeral day for Anna Nicole, I only saw it fitting to only report on Anna Nicole from here on out today. That's right so if Anna comes back to life, I'll cover it. The five latest updates consist of the following:
  1. Anna's body is officially on its way to the Bahamas with high security following the body.
  2. Country star Joe Nichols is the one who will be singing graveside. Looks like I was wrong with my 5 guesses
  3. Plan on attending the funeral with your camera? Be prepared to shell out up to $5,000. That's what the media is being charged to hang out at the funeral.
  4. John Travolta has said that he felt Scientology could have saved Anna. Oh, and also constantly watching "Grease" could have killed her.
  5. Trimspa baby!

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