Friday, March 23, 2007

Paris Takes a Cab, World Implodes

After a night of partying at Teddy's in Hollywood, Paris Hilton decided to try out what it's like to be every other American and take a filthy cab home instead of driving her Mercedes into a guard rail on the freeway. Paris sorta looks like she doesn't even want her skin toughing the seat, although I'm sure the back of a cab is a bit cleaner than Paris is.

In other Paris Hilton news, attornies are planning on filing theft charges against a bunch of screeners at LAX who are suspected to have stolen Paris Hilton's watch and some other items from her luggage. Poor guys. All they wanted was to make some quick money once they took Paris' stuff, but now they face charges and possibly even caught syphilis from her junk. That'll teach 'em.

Who Claims This!?! and Who Shot Paris!?!

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Kayla said...

The cab pictures are amusing, but nothing beats the fact that she is going to counsel overweight kids on how to live right.

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