Monday, March 19, 2007

Raven Symone Gives in to Hollywood

So I have no reason to post anything about Raven Symone except to prove a bit of a point. Above is the latest photo of Raven Symone who clearly gave in to the demands of Hollywood and started to shed the pounds. Now, I was at Skybar in LA not too long ago on a Saturday night when Raven Symone and some of her friends walked in. My first thought was that I was getting very old if little Raven Symone of the Cosby Show fame was drinking at the same bar I was at. Then me and my friend that I was with realized how much thinner she got. After text messaging my friends in Boston that I just saw random Raven Symone, almost every single person responded back saying she was huge (not in fame, but size). Nobody believed me that she lost weight. This post/picture is for them. Raven and her friends were literally yelling "woo-hoo 21!" over and over again. I officially knew I was old at the point. Minutes later I was yelling the same thing. 17 vodka-tonics will do that to you. Raven exited.

In random Raven Symone news that I could dig up, it looks like Raven and Martin Lawrence will be teaming up for the Disney comedy "College Road Trip" and will start production this summer. Wow! Sounds terrible! Can't wait to see it when it goes direct to DVD.


Anonymous said...

YOUR TIRED ASS IS SO STUPID!!! She took that picture a while back, in like 2005!

Anonymous said...

dude this is SO not the latest pic of her, she was 17 this was in 04

Anonymous said...

Raven is the Hottest in the Game, and can get it how she want stop hating!