Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ryan Phillippe Mocks the Poor & Starving

Ryan Phillippe mocks the poor and starving children of the world by throwing half eaten hamburgers at them. Either that, or he's trying to help them by literally giving them his food. That's nice. Actually Ryan was being photographed by X17 Online when he lost his shiz-nit and threw his hamburger (rather poorly) at one of the photographers. Maybe he was just sharing?

There have been rumors that Ryan and Ashlee Simpson have been hooking up recently after they both were forced to sit next to each other at Les Deux, the LA club, earlier this month. The two apparently hit it off and an random drunken source said, "Ashlee was really excited, you could tell she had a huge crush on him."

Hopefully if this is true Ashlee likes hamburgers being thrown at her face. Something tells me that she does.

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