Monday, March 05, 2007

Simon Doesn't Feel Bad For Britney

With some stars offering support for Britney Spears as she rides her way through rehab, Simon Cowell of American Idol doesn't really seem to feel bad for her. In fact, he sorta calls her a spoiled brat. Simon Cowell has recently stated (insert horrible British accent):

"I don't know what's going on in Britney's head but my attitude is I couldn't care less. She should go back and live with her mum for six months. I went to a deprived part of the world recently... It really opened my eyes. You can feel sorry for yourself over the smallest things, but then you look at the world and you think, 'I've got nothing to complain about.'

"So when I hear about the Robbies and the Britneys going to into rehab, I think, 'I'll tell you what rehab is. Go to where I just went, where people are really suffering and then you'll see just how good your life is.' I mean, Britney is not working in a coal mine, is she? You are whisked to the studio in a very large limo, you are flown around in private jet, everyone will agree with you and physically making an album is a doddle."

Well said Simon. You're right, Britney does not work in a coal mine (nice job offending the people that do) and "yes" I think we would all agree that making an album is a "doodle." I mean, I actually have no clue what a "doodle" is, but I'm sure it's what making an album is like.

Paula and Randy couldn't be reached for comment, but I'd assume it would go something like this:

Randy: "Dog, she's a dog, dog. I'd tell Britney to get a dog. I mean, I'm sure everyone would agree that making an album is like owning a dog. Thanks for looking out."

Paula: "Britney, I think you look beautiful tonight with your tattoos and shaved head. You really made it your own sweetie....." (there would have been more of a quote, but I then assumed that Paula Abdul smelled burnt toast and then fell out of her chair).

Who Said That!?!


Anonymous said...

haha lovely!

Anonymous said...

A doddle, is like a piece of piss, meaning extremely easy.

And frankly I have to agree in some part that there are a lot of people worse off, though that doesn't mean we can't show some sympathy towards another human being, regardless of their circumstances.

I feel bad for her, in that she does seem to be losing her mind and needs help. But there are ways for her to get help, and checking out of rehab is not the way to go! If she refuses help then I wouldn't feel so bad, because then she is only exacerbating the situation she has found herself in!

Anonymous said...

If she's just feeling sorry for herself than I would go with Simon...but if she's really is suffering from pschotic depression, that's a real issue and she needs help.

Very funny write though. You got the Idol's down dog!