Thursday, March 08, 2007

Timberland Wants to Take Britney Away

Music producer Timberland has worked with everyone from Justin Timberlake to Nelly Furtado to Missy Elliot to Celine Dion (ok I made that one up). However, Timberland now sets his sights on saving Britney Spears. Did you know she was in rehab, by the way? Timberland has said in an Entertainment Weekly interview:

"I feel her pain, it really bothers me. I'm the type of person who tries to save the world. I just want to take her away, go overseas, and work (it) out."

Not only will Timberland "kidnap" Britney, but he would have Justin Timberlake help him out as well. Timberland actually invited Timberlake to help save Britney. He continues:

"I asked Justin, 'How would you feel about me working with Britney?' I had to ask him that. "I said, 'Would you do it with me?' Timberlake agreed. I just want to hold her hand. I want her to be in my camp, to be around Justin. I need Justin to talk to her. Help her, please!"

Hold on a second. What type of camp is this that you want her to be a part of? Is it like sleep-away camp? Basketball camp? Music camp? I'm confused. Are you a doctor? Can you prescribe medication to her? Yeah, I would wait it out on helping her and let actual medical professionals take this one. Once Britney is "cured" then you can take her on a little trip to where ever it is that you want to take her. However, don't try to kidnap her because I'm already filling out an Amber Alert.

Who Said What!?!

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