Friday, March 23, 2007

What Killed Anna Nicole Smith?

Doh! Worse than an American Idol "after the break" cliffhanger, the zany and wacky doctor in the Anna Nicole Smith case now knows what has killed her, but will leave us hanging until Monday at 10:30 AM. What Dr. Perper is going to disclose to the public is "going to be a significant announcement," according to the spokesperson for the Seminole Police Department.

I'm going to wager a few guess on what I think killed Anna Nicole. Let's see if I'm right on Monday:
  • Anna chocked to death on Sugar-Pie's hairball
  • Zsa Zsa Gabor bitch-slapped her to death
  • Her boobs exploded
  • She snorted Trimspa and karate kicked her way out of a 4 story building
  • Global warming

My money is on Global Warming, as it is a silent killer. Wait, or is that Carbon Monoxide?

Who Said That!?!

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Sister Suki said...

You should nickname Dr. Perper, Dr. Pepper.