Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"Boy's Mother" Gives "Boy's Father" a Run For His Money

There is nothing that made me crazier than having to read stories about "Boy's Father." If you recall, "Boy's Father" was the father of the boy (go figure) that Madonna adopted. It seems like every other week "Boy's Father" was coming out of the woodwork to give an interview. Well, move over "Boy's Father" because now there is "Boy's Mother."

The mother of Angelina Jolie's (bless yourself) adopted son, Pax, is now coming forward to get her 15 minutes of fame. "Boy's Mother" was a tragic heroin addict who left her newborn at a Vietnamese hospital when he was just two days old. Some say "tragedy," I say "jackpot." I'm sure this little kid is psyched he's no longer living in poverty and wearing tissue boxes for shoes and now has Angelina Jolie has a mom and is crazy rich.

"Boy's Mother" (Pham Thu Dung - exactly) has told reporters that she never signed the adoption papers, but will not try to get her son back. "Boy's Mother" will also not try to get money from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt even though she is poor. "Boy's Mother" would like to tell her son "sorry" that she had to give him away.

Yeah, nice try "lady." You may say you don't want money now, but just wait when you see the house that you kid lives in. You'll pull a "Boy's Father" before you know it and will be hitchhiking to LA to visit your new friends "Angelina" and "Brad." Oh, and as a side note "Boy's Mother" is a heroin addict. That's sweet. She should try selling drugs to kids in order to get out of poverty. I heard that works.

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