Thursday, April 12, 2007

Britney Spears Still Off Booze, Still on Red Bull. Trading One Addiction For Another Has Never Been So Easy!

While Britney may be a little boring these days, it's good to see she's still off the booze and it's even better to see that she's still all hopped up on the Red Bull. Red Bull is like the marijuana before the "crack." You know it's only a matter of time for the Red Bull turns into Vodka. Well, here's to hoping. Anyway, Britney was spotted with her sweat-stained boobs leaving Millennium Dance Studio in North Hollywood after rehearsing for 2-hours. Rehearsing for what? No clue. I'm just glad she's wearing a pimp hat and chugging down Red Bull. All is right with the world.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't she rumored to be joining the pussycat dolls?

missyzola said...

Boob sweat is no fun at all!!!