Monday, April 23, 2007

Britney Still Kinda Looks Nuts

People thought that when Britney left rehab that she would do a complete 180 and all of a sudden get "sane." I, too, was concerned that if she gave up the booze she would be far less entertaining. I mean, let's face it, sober people just aren't as fun as drunk people. It's a fact. There's been studies. Anyway, even though Britney appears to be sober, she still kinda seems nuts. It doesn't help her cause that she she looks like she's constantly in a disguise with multiple cheap wigs and blinding blue contact lenses. Mix that up with one of her many Freddie Krueger hats and animal carcass wrapped around her and you certainly have all the ingredients to make a "crazy pie."

Britney was caught heading to the tanning salon and then to a sushi restaurant with her cousin and constant sidekick, Allie, and according to X17 Online was in great spirits.

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