Monday, April 09, 2007

Dina Lohan Doesn't Skank Up South Beach?

I don't like this trend one bit! First, Whitney gets sober and leaves Bobby. Second, Lindsay gives up the booze. Third, Britney checks her crazy bald head into rehab. And Fourth, Dina Lohan dresses like a woman actually her age. What's going on in the celebrity world? I don't like it one bit! Dina Lohan and her "mini-Lindsay" daughter, Ali, spent the weekend trying to tan their freckled skin in South Beach, Miami. To my surprise Dina actually wore a one-piece bathing suit while on the beach. As soon as I started seeing these photos I would have bet my life savings ($14.55) that Dina would have been in a two-piece thong that would display a tattoo on her ass that said something like, "F the Law!" However, nope, she was conservative. Ali looked like she was getting a little pissed at the paparazzi. The picture I included is the one that I like to call, "This is the exact moment when Ali is so sick of the paparazzi that she tries and gets hooked on drugs her first time experimenting." Catchy title, right? Well, at least Ali made it 14 years without an addiction. Now is the time.

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