Thursday, April 26, 2007

Heidi From "The Hills": New Boobs & Nose!

Hot off the chest! Check out Heidi Montard's new store-bought boobs and nose! Good for her! Heidi is all of a sudden prettier, funnier, a better singer, smarter, and nicer. Is it just me? Anyway, these photos were snapped Heidi while her and she and Steve Sanders were hanging out at the beach in Malibu. Oh and by "hanging out" I actually mean "a staged photo opportunity." I was nice enough to circle Heidi's new boobs just in case you forgot where they go and I even added an arrow that points to her new nose just in case you forgot where her nose is. You're welcome. Oh, and please insert "Heidi's new "hills" joke here ________."

Who Shot Those Hills!?!


Anonymous said...

hey it hurts my eyes reading electric blue writings over a black background. it would be great if you change your settings to more reader friendly colors :)

Missyzola said...

Yep I was right...she did go to Tara Reid's plastic surgeon! Saaad