Thursday, April 12, 2007

How to Make Mandy Moore Look Better

So by now everyone knows how I feel about Mandy Moore. I'm not exactly sure what she does, but I know she's famous and after she dated DJ AM, I know that I totally had a chance with her (similar to Ashlee Simpson). I always get emails from people asking me why I like Mandy Moore and that she doesn't look that great, etc. I think she's hot, but through the brilliance of "the camera" I found a sure fire way to make Mandy Moore even hotter. All you need to do is simply place Susan Sarandon next to her and presto-chango you have yourself a hotter Mandy Moore. Now please do not get me wrong, this trick also works with other celebrities as well. Kirsten Dunst? Just drop Susan Sarandon next to her and even Kirsten gets hotter. It's a brilliant plan, frankly.
Anyway, Mandy and Susan were at the "Do Something" Brick Awards. I have no idea what those are and am too tired to figure it out. It doesn't matter really. I'm sure it helps kids in Tajikistan or something.


.That Girl. said...

Makes me giggle tee-hee

lovelyleo said...

Oh my God. Susan Sarandon is the very definition of hotness.