Friday, April 13, 2007

IMus Say Goodbye. Get It?

See what I did with the title there? IMus Say Goodbye? I-Must-Say-Goodbye. Trust me, it's hysterical. Moving on, walking-dead Don Imus has officially been shit-canned by CBS after he spouted out some racial slurs on his radio show. Let's face it, at this point everyone already knows what he did and what's been going on, so I figured why type? You're basically just here to read something witty or laugh at a picture. That's why I'm here! After seeing Don Imus all over the news I really started to think about where I've seen this guy before. That's when it instantly hit me. He's the older version of 1980's MTV VJ, Adam Curry and, clearly, he's the Grinch. If you don't know either of those references you are dead to me and please don't ever come back to this site again. What? I said please.

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