Friday, April 20, 2007

...In Other News...

Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx is showing off her new "fashion line" that also consists of the old lime green plastic hat that every kid had when they were little, yet had no clue what it really was. Sometimes this visor even had lights on it and would light up different colors. Why? Anyway, I'm pissed that J. Glow's hat says, "A La J Lo" when I've given her a very fitting nickname for months now, "Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx." She could have at least called it "de las bronx." Rude. Anyway, I'm having some technical computer issues so I must leave you today with some other sites to check out until I can fix this issues. Anyone have a wrench? In other news...

~ Britney Shops with a Bird Hat ~ CelebritySmack
~ Lauren Conrad Sex Tape Pulled After Being "Too Boring." ~ FatBack
~ Pete Doherty Uses Props to Assault ~ AgentBedHead
~ Alec Baldwin Uses His Angry Voice ~ NinjaDude
~ Donald Trump Send Barbara and Rosie a Gift ~ Yeeeah
~ Check Out Gwen Stefani's New Video ~ PopBytes
~ Selma Blair Went to Rehab? ~ HollyScoop
~ Lindsay Lohan Cancels Movie ~ GabSmash
~ Tom Cruise is Elf Like ~ EvilBeet
~ Fergie in Ruffles ~ DSF


that's what she said...

I had this same green visor...except I think mine said "The Dublin" on it. I wore it to the Revere parade.

Anonymous said...

give me back my hat

Chris said...

Aren't those the hats that little old ladies wear when they go out in the sun?