Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Jason Wahler Hearts Guns

Even though "The Hills" is on a break until Season 3 starts up at some point in the summer, it's like every week there is a new "The Hills" story to choose from. This one is great. Apparently, Jason Wahler and some buddies were drinking vodka and playing a friendly little game of Russian Roulette. In regards to regular roulette I typically put my money on Red 9, but I guess this game is a little different and involves a gun. According to US Weekly who received these photos, Jason and some buddies were trashed in Hollywood one night last summer and everyone ended up playing around with a gun. Yeah, that's safe. I'd assume that Jason wanted to take a dirt nap after realizing that he dated Jessica from Laguna Beach, but maybe he has deeper troubles than that....even though that would be enough to make anyone play "kiss the gun." It's good to see Jason's been doing well. He's about two drinks away from "Trimspa, baby!"

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