Monday, April 16, 2007

Pam Anderson Hit the Wall & Then Fell Thru

Pamela Anderson Lee Rock Hep C has been spending a lot of time lately on the beach. Oh man, what in the hell happened to Pam? Is "time" really this mean? Can the sun really do this much damage? Pam hit the wall, folks. She hit it hard. Pam hit the wall and then she went through the wall. Then, she went through the floor. Pam hit the wall, went through it, went through the floor and then rolled out onto the street. Then a car hit her. Then it backed over her. Then the sun burned her while she was laying on the street. Then a raccoon scratched at her. Then she got struck by lightning. And then she dyed her hair. Wow. She's getting old. I'm getting old. We're all getting old. I miss the good old days of Pammy on Baywatch. It was a happier time, a simpler time, a good time. I need a moment.

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Chris said...


Get thee to a yoga class, stat!